1. Reservation

All reservation should be made through our Head Office in Myanmar by using following address, phone number, via email or directly from our Website.

Young Top Tycoon Tourism Co.,Ltd

No.199 (2nd floor), Botahtaung Pagoda Road (Middle Block), Pazuntaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.


: +959 264 254 488, +95-9-761 690 802.


: +95-9-7888 21929


: +95-1-295603


ytt@ytt-international.com, tour@ytt-international.com



2. Tour Prices

All tour prices are quoted net in US Dollars.

3. Deposit and Payment Terms

Individual Services (E.g. Balloon Ticket, Air Ticket, ..etc.) must be paid in full.

For Tour Package Buyers (Semi or Full), kindly view below details;

  • As soon as confirming the Tour Package, 30 % deposit payment must be paid.
  • And the rest balance payment must be followed one month prior to the arrival date to Myanmar.
  • If the booking is made within one month, full payment must be settled upon confirming the tour.

4. Payment Options 

There are 3 means of payment we accept and useful details are as below;

A)Credit Card Payment Online(Visa/Master)

·        To make payment using this system, you must have an official invoice, payment link and instructions.

·        In this option, there is no need to mention of your card details and it can even be done online within a few minutes by filling some forms.

·        It is essential to fill in Some Confidential Code included in the Invoice respectively.

·        There will be 4.5 % Transaction fee on the total amount in using this system.

·        To receive any ticket or vouchers, everyone who used this payment system must wait for one week from their transaction date because payment are only available as our bank hold for some security reasons(***Depends on the situation of customers, we will be ready to issue some tickets earlier than this policy)

·        For Any Refund Processes made by the Company (YTT), only the total amount will be refunded and transaction fee will not be refundable as it is significantly charged by the bank.

B)Western Union

·        To make payment using Western Union, below Beneficiary Info will be essential.

·        With this system, there will be no extra charges from the Company and Bank Charges are to be paid from the sender only.

·        For anyone who is suspicious on the Beneficiary info can check as follow link http://www.ytt-international.com/certificate-quality which can prove that Mr Ye Thiha Tun is the Founder & Managing Director of YTT Business Group.


Beneficiary Name

Mr.Ye Thiha Tun (Managing Director)

ID No.

12/Ou Ka Ta (N) 141013


+959 50 24756


No.199,(2nd Floor), Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Middle Block, Pazundaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

C)Bank Transfer

·        To make payment using bank transfer, there will be many risks to overcome, so we do request you to put it as a last option and to be choice only when you have no other convenient way.

·        No extra bank charges will be requested in advance because of not knowing how much bank charges will cost. (As we are a developing country, still need to use the assistances of many correspondent banks to receive your payment. So the bank charges for your payment will be unpredictable and not be same on each transaction as we don’t know how many correspondent banks were passed between your bank and ours and how did they charged)

·        Depends on the time of payment is available into our account, we will request for the differential charged by the correspondent banks and everyone who use this payment must be already agreed on this terms.


Account Name

Young Top Tycoon Tourism Co.,Ltd

Account Number

0010 1012 0060 3406

Bank Name


Swift Code


Bank Address

No. 334/336, Strand Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

5. Cancellation Policy

(a) For Tour Package Only

Minimum of 45 days notice prior to the arrival, there is no cancellation fee. 

But within one month, the cancellation fee is 30% for any tour.

And half percent (50%) of the total amount will be cancellation fee from 14 days to before Arrival Date.

No Show Fees is fully percent (100%).

 Remark: There is no refund after remitted 30% deposit to our bank account. And we must not refund for any on tour cancellation for some parts of our services such as transportation, guide services, accommodation charges and etc., this includes “No Shows” and Client’s withdrawal from journeys that already began.

Young Top Tycoon Tourism Co.,Ltd. understands that cancellation is a part of the travel business. So we try to be as flexible as possible with our policy. Company operation and communication costs and direct charges which may be levied by our local providers such as hotels, airlines, etc. will normally be charge to the client. We do recommend that our clients carry adequate travel insurance which cover costs in case a cancellation charge is required.

(b)For Other Individual Services

Every cancellation must follow as the respective policies of the suppliers (Like Hotel, Airlines, Bus lines etc..,)

6. Refund Policy

For the refund, our company will try our best for creating your satisfaction and your kind cooperation will also be important in this process too.

Any refund action will need to follow the respective policies of each suppliers(Airline, Hotel, Balloon Opeartor..etc.).

For Any Refund made via Western Union or Credit Cards, we will not be responsible for payment differentials caused by respective countries' currency exchange rates.

For Refund Process with Credit Card, there is no extra fee for full amount refund process and 2 % will be refunded in case of partial refund process.

Refund process will take at least 2 week and more due, so every clients have to be aware of this situation and must accept accordingly.

In case of any refund situation, we can Only Refund of the Total Service Fee and No Bank Charges or Transaction Fee will be returned due to the bank could perform their services properly while we failed by some reasons.

If clients would need to change the itinerary after both sides confirmed it, we will try to accommodate the client’s wishes. We reserve the right to charge amendment fees.

7. Airport Tax

Any passenger departing Myanmar international flights must pay a departure tax of US$ 10 per person.

8. Insurance

We recommend all the clients to obtain the necessary personal baggage, medical and accident insurance before arrival.

9. Domestic flight, Accommodation & Meals

Please note that Young Top Tycoon Tourism Co.,Ltd will reserve the right to substitute the hotel, restaurant and domestic flights of similar standard should. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right at any time to substitute a hotel by another hotel of the same category. The same is valid for transport means and any other services.

Please also note that first class accommodation may not always be available in some Myanmar destinations especially on Peak Season. We will always arrange the best accommodation available.

10. Responsibility

Young Top Tycoon Tourism Co.,Ltd. Acts only as the agent for the clients, providing hotels, airlines, transport or other services. Therefore we have no liabilities for any loss, injury, damage, accident which may be caused including those outside the touring programs. Additional expense due to delay, accident, natural disasters, political actions and unrest must be borne by the clients. Programs, prices and service conditions are based on those valid at the time of printing and are therefore subject to change without prior notice to during the tour. Participation in our tour implies the tourist’s agreement to the above conditions. Domestic airlines do in rare cases change flight schedules although flights were previously confirmed. If such cases happen, we will inform clients as early as possible and choose the best alternative.



Payment (Step 1)

Note: Once you submit in step (1), kindly check email that you have typed and follow the link which can be seen in a few seconds.

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